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Your purchases go a long way to supporting artists, authors, and musicians who use their talents to honor the Daemons and to share otherwise difficult to find information with other Demonolators. All of the authors listed here (excluding those books in the Hermetics section) are Demonolators or Theistic Satanists. All book on Amazon (including Kindle editions) include free previews. Please check out the previews if you want to see contents and general writing style.

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The Forum's Recommended Reading List on Amazon


  • Demonolatry Rites - collected & edited by S. Connolly (various authors) (Available on Amazon and Kindle in August 2010) Nook
  • Goetic Demonolatry - by Ellen Purswell (Available on Amazon Kindle ) Nook
  • Sanctus Quattuordecim - by M. Delaney
  • The Daemonolater's Guide to Daemonic Magick ($35) - by S. Connolly & Various Authors ISBN: 978-0-9788975-1-2 , Trade Paperback 512 pages, DB Publishing, November 30, 2009 Purchase on LULU, Purchase on AMAZON or at B&N
  • Daemonolatry Goetia ($17)- by S. Connolly 978-0966978827 LULU or AMAZON or KINDLE or B&N or Nook
  • Kasdeya Rite of Ba'al - ($34.99) by S. Connolly. on LULU or AMAZON
  • Honoring Death - Daemonolatry Necromancy ($9.99-$13.99)- S. Connolly Nook, Kindle, and Lulu. Paperbacks should be available on Amazon around the end of January.

The Complete Book of Demonolatry ($25) by S. Connolly (ISBN: 0-9669788-6-2 or 978-0-9669788-6-5) Trade Paperback, 402 pages, DB Publishing, July 2006. Everything a Demonolator needs to know about Demonolatry from Pre-Initiate to Adept. Includes all the information from Modern Demonolatry and Lessons in Demonolatry with further in-depth explanations on the existing matieral, more sigils, more lessons, and tons of added material including Hermetics, Demonolatry-based tablets, Sex Magick, Blood Rites, Sacrifice, Necromancy, and Ascension. It also includes a basic introduction to Demonolatry Magick. LULU or AMAZON or B&N


Modern Demonolatry: Free Download courtesy the GenDem Group and Also on Amazon Kindle HERE. Or available on Nook.

HERMETICS (all from


MUSIC (Lulu Only - for now)

DEMONOLATRY BASED FICTION (all titles Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and e-book only unless otherwise stated)

  •  Left Horse Black - $11.95 by S. J. Reisner. ISBN: 0966978870, Darkerwood Publishing Group, July 2006. The first in a fantasy series with the underlying theme of Demonolatry spirituality. (paperback now available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble online) The Midwest Book Review called this book "A rousing, tautly written adventure of high fantasy..." Also Available on Amazon KINDLE for $1.99 Other Online Options: B&N or Nook
  • Warrior's Blood Red - $ 11.95 by S. J. Reisner. ISBN: 978-0-9669788-9-6, Darkerwood Publishing Group, July 2009 The second in the Sorcerers' Twilight Series. Also Available on Amazon KINDLE for $1.99 . Other Online Options: B&N or Nook
  • Outer Darkness - $ 10.50 by Audrey Brice ISBN: 978-0-9788975-2-9 Darkerwood Publishing Group, August/September 2010. A contemporary occult/paranormal mystery with a Daemonolatress heroine and Satanist supporting character. Read the description and get free previews on Amazon. Now on Amazon Kindle. Other online options: B&N or Nook


  •  The Meditation Journal - This spiral bound journal will help you record your meditations for later reflection and reference. It includes space to record up to 40 guided and/or insight meditations and includes tips and hints to enhance your meditation practice. This book makes a wonderful gift. Spiral bound to lay flat. (Preview Available)
  • Ritus Record Libri - This spiral bound journal makes it easy to keep track of your personal or group ritual work. Perfect for creating rituals from the ground up, and keeping them all organized in one place. 6 Pages per ritual with space to record up to 40 rituals. This journal is taylored to practitioners of Demonolatry and Satanism. (Preview Available)


  • The Satanic Clergy Manual - The Satanic Clergy Manual is filled with practical advice and helps Priests with Sacerdotial Duties such as Counseling, Baptisms, Initiations, Weddings, Funerals, Blessings, Anointing, and Prayers. This manual is a must have for the clergy of Theistic-Satanic and Demonolatry churches, temples, organizations and groups for spur of the moment needs and reference. Also good for solitary practitioners seeking strength or comfort through prayer. (Also available on Amazon Kindle and the Nook)


Daemonolatry on the Tube Volume 1: ($12.99)112 minutes of the best of OFSAdrianna's YouTube Videos put into a logical order. Great for reference and educational viewing. A Lulu exclusive! You can't get this DVD anywhere else.

Daemonolatry Ritual: A demonstration DVD showing the practitioner the traditional methods of invocation, altar set up, an abyssal communion ceremony and much more... (Coming Soon!)


Titles Will Be Added


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