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Is this site OFS Demonolatry? So everyone knows, OFS is not a "type" of Demonolatry. OFS is a small sect of practitioners in Denver Colorado who used to run this informational site. While OFS is alive and well (only offline as a group nowadays), the GenDem Group now runs this website because it was time to pass the torch. Some of the OFS members still help with moderating this site. The GenDem Group is not anti-OFS, but we're also not OFS (the real-world group) either. I know the change in staff and moderation has confused a lot of people.

Why does this site still support OFS Demonolatry and their methods? I don't agree with their methods. It's unfair to bash OFS's "methods" because their way of practicing is the same as outlined in The Complete Book of Demonolatry (whose author is a member of OFS incidently) and is the same "method" as most sects involved in the GenDem Group use! The core practices and beliefs of groups like OFS aren't specific to OFS. There is an entire tradition there that spans groups and generations. Richard Dukanté practiced Demonolatry using the same methods as OFS. What makes me laugh is some of the people who vehemently protest OFS's methods to me will say they're using the Dukanté hierarchy. If you USE the Dukanté hierarchy at all - you're using the same methods and practices as OFS! I've learned that usually when people are telling me they are against OFS and their "Methods" what they really mean is they had a falling out of some sort with the old site/forum admin ( and became "anti-OFS" as a result. All of the people I've run across who say this are either ex-OFS members or ex-forum members. So if you hear how awful "OFS Demonolatry" is (which is why people probably think it's a specific 'brand' or 'type' of Demonolatry), this is why. Otherwise, in the GenDem universe (people who practice traditional/generational Canaanite/Khemetic Daemonolatry, including the familes Dukanté, Purswell, Delaney, Willit, etc...) OFS is a well respected sect within the GenDem Group and their methods are the same as Demonolaters in the families Dukanté, Purswell, Delaney, Willit etc...

What is it Demonolaters believe? How can I learn Demonolatry? If you have questions about Demonolatry it's highly likely the questions can be answered in one of several ways. First, there are tons of books about the subject. The Complete Book of Demonolatry and The Daemonolater's Guide to Daemonic Magick will answer most of the questions the beginner has about Demonolatry. Second, we have a Library of PDFs here with a great deal of free information. Third, the Network and the Forum are full of people who can answer your questions. Please don't write me to ask your basic Demonolatry 101 type questions. I'm just a simple webmaster. Yes, I practice Demonolatry, but I am not a teacher.

Can I sleep with Demons, make pacts with Demons, conjure and evoke (rudely) Demons and still be considered a Demonolater? Yes. Demonolater means demon worshiper. It doesn't include or exclude any individual practice of honoring the demonic.If you worship demons you're a Demonolater. There are different denominations or types of demonolaters though. The GenDem Group and many solitaries who call this site their home practice as prescribed in The Complete Book of Demonolatry even if they draw from other magical traditions as well and come up with something unique to themselves (something that book encourages). A lot of Demonolaters don't have demon lovers, use pacts as a magical device and only use respectful methods of calling forth the demonic. What you do is your business. There are a lot of types of demonolatry. However I will admit that the bulk of demonolaters on this site seem to cringe at any type of disrespectful conjuring (threatening or other), may raise their eyes if pacts are mentioned as a method to get power rather than used as a realistic magical device, and may laugh you off the forum or completely ignore you if you want to talk about having sex with demons. Walking Hollywood stereotypes don't seem to last long here.

Why the graphically inferior and bright site? We want people of all ages to be able to access this site on their mobile device as well as their computer web browser. Simple is better. A static website also makes it easier for someone else to come in and easily take over as webmaster if I decide to pass the torch later on down the line. Content, content, content. That's what a website should be.

How can I get into the forum? First, we are not giving up For Demonolators By Demonolators. We've kept that motto which means our forum is for Demonolaters. If you want to belong to the forum, sign up, we'll go ahead and let you in, but we do reserve the right to remove people from the forum at any time.

Can I rejoin the forum if I was banned before (now that there is a new crew in charge)? You can apply and it will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Myself and the moderation team still reserve the right to pick and choose who we let in. So people know, I'm not a fan of drama either. I also expect that no one will use the forum to air their dirty laundry with other forum members. If you can't keep it civil and at least try to play nice, then don't apply.

Questions, comments, suggestions: email . If you are a Christian or a complainer or someone who doesn't like the way I'm doing things you have every right to send an e-mail, but I have every right to not reply. I'll try to answer all questions within a week. Be patient.


Frank F. Domovoi

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