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GenDem Group Hub

If you have questions or comments about this site please contact us at . Thank you.

The GenDem Group is a collective of Traditional and Generational Demonolatry Group Leaders and Clergy throughout the United States.

This page is provided as a contact list for members of our member-groups only. We ask that non-GenDem members not contact any of these private individuals with questions or queries. If you are the contact of one of the GenDem groups, please send us your information and be sure to update it regularly. Please also contact us with any public websites, if your group can be contacted through a social networking site, and so on. You may request that all your mail go to the webmaster and we will forward it to you. Thank You.

Alpena Demonolatry - Contact Ellen or Grant

Ba'al Oceanside - Contact Lisa

GenDemGroup Forum - Contact Frank

Greater Boston GD - Contact Nick

HOLLCA - Contact Gavin

House of Hecate - Contact Brad

Ordo Flammeus Serpens - Contact Steph

Ordo Templi Hekau - Contact G.M. Lector Priest

SoCal Dem - Contact Zara

Temple of Ba'al - Contact Mike or Brid

Temple Thoth-Seshat - Angie or Anthony

TSL Duk-Mall - Contact Selinda or Darrek

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