Proper Demonolatry Invocation


This file courtesy of  S. Connolly and DB Publishing


When calling the demons into your ritual circle, the traditional way to do it is to use the enn, or an invocation of your own devise, and use the ritual dagger or your hand to draw the following in the air in front of you (kinda diagonal to the sky if that makes sense) , starting at the arrow and ending at the dot:



The invocation symbol above is often refered to as the ZD or DZ sigil. It is also used as a sigil representing Satan. Within the ZD are nine points representing the nine demonic divinities. The nine divinities are: Satan, Lucifer, Flereous, Leviathan, Belial, Verrine, Amducious, Unsere, and Eurynomous. The symbol is one fluid motion and is encircled as a sigil to represent the whole encircling all its parts. The ZD is also employed to invoke each Demon, no matter which one, with respect to the nine.



Some common courtesies (to avoid disrespect toward the Demons) when invoking:


Don't command or be aggressive with the demons.


Don't stab the ritual blade into the air.


Evocation vs. Invocation


Evocation is a command. Invocation is a prayer of invitation. In Demonolatry we use invocation because we respect the Demons as our teachers and friends. We find evocation disrespectful.